Why there is no unified commercial commitment for the service life of tapered drill rods

Jun 11, 2015

During the production of drilling rods, there are critical manufacturing techniques and complete standards. However, because of the particularity that the service life of drilling tools can be greatly influenced by the environmental factors and man-made(human) factors, the service life of B22 hexagon taper drilling rod has no clearly-defined unified standard in China, so does it in worldwide. Swedish Sandvik, the world biggest drilling tools manufacturer, has explicitly pointed out that, among the quality problems of their products happened in rock drilling processes, more than 90% of such accidents stem from non-qualitative factors.

We cannot assess onsite whether the disputes over the quality of drilling tools during working are due to the qualitative factor or other non-qualitative factors. However, limited by current conditions, it is impossible to return all the questioned drilling rods back to the factory for further inspection. As experience proves, most of the quality disputes over drilling rods under normal use are due to non-quality factors , because all drilling tools have been given strict ex-works test.

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