Tapered Cross Bits

Production Description

Product Name: Tapered Cross Bits

Bits Type:

Bit Type: Cross Bits-A, B
Head Diameter: 32mm - 55mm (D)
Taper: 4.8°, 6°, 7 °, 11°, 12°
Bottom Hole: 22mm, 25mm (d)
Bit Body: Short skirt, Long skirt (H)
Water Hole: 3
Material: High quality tungsten carbide

Production Flow

Tapered Cross Bits


The Tapered Cross Bits are widely applicable to mining industry, tunneling and underground engineering, open pit, construction drill, blast industry, civil engineering operations, road, gas line, pipe and trench projects, quarry work, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, water well industry, etc,.


The Tapered Cross Bits can be used under any rock drilling condition because of its comprehensive adaptability.

The tapered cross bit is mainly used for digging into mine laneway and blasting holes in all drilling works matched with the tapered drill rods. For different rock, we choose different alloy to extend the working life of the tapered cross bits.

All the tapered cross bits have to be reground at regular intervals to crush rock efficiently.

We choose different material and size for the taper cross bits in order to adapt the different rock formations and working conditions.

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