Taper Chisel Bits

Production Description

Product Name: Taper Chisel Bits

Bits Type:

Bit Design: Chisel Bit-A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Head Diameter: 30mm - 46mm (D)
Taper: 4.8°, 6°, 7 °, 11°, 12°
Bottom Hole: 22mm, 25mm (d)
Bit Body: Short skirt, Long skirt (H)
Water Hole: 2
Material: High quality tungsten carbide

Production Flow

Taper Chisel bits


The Taper Chisel Bits are widely applicable to mining industry, tunneling and underground engineering, open pit, construction drill, blast industry, civil engineering operations,road, gas line, pipe and trench projects, quarry work, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, water well industry, etc,.


Advantages of taper chisel bits: cheap in price and the assorted taper drill rods and rock drills, easy to carry and adequate for various construction conditions. Matched with taper drill rods, the taper drill bits are widely used in drilling holes with depth less than 5 meters and diameter ranged in 32-46 mm by light-duty rock drill.

Each of taper drill bit is produced in different sizes and designs in order to optimize their application to a broader scope of rock drilling conditions and correspond to different job requirements.

There are different taper degrees for taper drill bit which are used for different rock formations and rock drills.

Taper degree of 11°and 12° are common on modern rigs. A narrow taper degree of 7° is used for low impact rock drills and softer rock formations. This degree can also be used if you have spinning problems when using 11° or 12° equipment.

To ensure the normal service life, the taper drill bit need to be matched well with taper drill rods, the taper degree must be the same between taper drill bits and taper dill rods; the penetration depth of taper drill rods which into the taper hole of taper drill bits should be over 25mm, and the head of the taper drill rods should not touch the bottom of the taper of taper drill bits, otherwise the taper drill bits would be lost easily during operation.

The operation for rock drill is also important: before starting drilling, turning down the air flow level of rock drill to reduce the damage to the taper drill bits which is resulted from the local high stress suffered by the tungsten carbide. The taper bits should fully penetrated into rocks before turning up the air flow back to the normal level,

When the width of the edge’s flat top is more than 3 mm, it’s necessary to change or grind the taper drill bits in order to avoid low drilling speed and short service life time of taper drill bits. Once there is abrasion for the taper on rock drill bits, change or grind the rock drill bits timely, otherwise the rock drill bits would be seriously worn, drilling speed would be lowered and the taper drill bits would even jammed.

Once encountering a steel bar or other foreign materials during drilling, the drilling position should be adjusted to avoid breakage of the head of rock drill bits.

When the rock drilling is prone to jamming, the rock bits should be replaced to taper cross drill bits or taper button bits.

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