Taper Button Bits

Production Description

Product Name: Taper Button Bits

Bits Type:

Buttons Number: 3 – 9
Button Type: Semispherical Button, Ballistic Button, Conical Button
Head Diameter: 30mm - 50mm (D)
Taper: 4.8°, 6°, 7 °, 11°, 12°
Bottom Hole: 22mm, 25mm (d)
Bit Body: Short skirt, Long skirt (H)
Water Hole: 2 -- 3
Material: High quality tungsten carbide

Type of Buttons:

Semispherical button:

This type button is suitable for very abrasive and very hard rock formations.

Ballistic button / Parabolic button:

This type button is suitable for medium abrasive and medium hard rock formations.

Conical button:

This type button is suitable for soft abrasive and soft rock formations.

Production Flow

Taper Button Bits


The Taper Button Bits are widely applicable to mining industry, tunneling and underground engineering, open pit, construction drill, blast industry, civil engineering operations, road, gas line, pipe and trench projects, quarry work, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, water well industry, etc,.


Taper Button bit has higher technology, much longer primary grinding time and higher drilling efficiency while comparing with taper chisel bits and taper cross bits, so that the button bit is popular among the users.

According to the tungsten carbide insert, button bits can be divided into the types of semispherical button, conical button and ballistic button (parabolic button), etc.

Button bit with semispherical button is for high bearing capacity and abrasive resistance while conical button and ballistic button (parabolic button) are for high drilling speed and low abrasive resistance.

When drilling, adjust the parameters of impulse and rotary with the standards of no jamming, high drilling speed and no bend of tapered drill rods.

Check the rock drill bits after each drilling. If the buttons are seriously worn, replace the button bits timely to ensure the drilling speed. If it’s possible, grind the button bit for reusing, replace the button bits once the taper worn, otherwise the buttons would be seriously abraded and even jammed.

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