• Bauma China 2016

    Bauma China is the most influential exihibition in Asia. During the exihibiton, we met clients here and discussed future business, to promote our cooperation.

  • Company name is changed

    Dear Sir or Madam, We have changed the company name (Taizhou Luqiao xiaogangpao Rock Bit Factory) to Taizhou XGP Rock Tools Co.,Ltd. The rest information is the same as before. Please update the information, thank you. Best regards. Taizhou XGP Rock Tools Co.,Ltd. May 11, 2016

  • The effect of application methods on the service life of drilling rods

    At present, according to direction of the blast hole, the operation modes of hand-held/air-leg rock drill can be divided into horizontal blast hole rock drilling, elevation blast hole rock drilling and depression blast hole rock drilling. A Large number of experiments indicates that the crack of the…

  • Estimate the service time of rock drilling rods by its abrasion level from surface

    The service time of a drilling rods can be preliminarily assessed from its surface abrasion level. Certain feed length can be made after the hexagonal prism diagonal nadir of the rock drilling rods is abraded down to 24 mm. A conception of hexagonal prism diagonal nadir is introduced here. Compared …

  • Why there is no unified commercial commitment for the service life of tapered drill rods

    During the production of drilling rods, there are critical manufacturing techniques and complete standards. However, because of the particularity that the service life of drilling tools can be greatly influenced by the environmental factors and man-made(human) factors, the service life of B22 hexago…