Integral Drill Steels

Production Description

Product Name: Integral Drill Steels

Steels Type:

Bit Type: Chisel Bit, Cross Bit
Bit Diameter: 26mm - 45mm (D)
Shank: H22 × 108mm, H19 × 108mm
Effective Length: 400mm-5800mm (L)
Material: High quality steels

Production Flow

Integral Drill Steels


The Integral Drill Steels are widely applicable to mining industry, tunneling and underground engineering, open pit, construction drill, blast industry, civil engineering operations, road, gas line, pipe and trench projects, quarry work, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, water well industry, etc,.


Integral drill steels are a kind of drilling tool with the tapered drill bits, tapered drill rods and shank merged together.

The drilling tools are designed to transmit the maximum impact energy to the rock with the least possible loss of energy in the drilling chain.

Integral drill rods have the advantages of eliminating the energy loss at the junctions of the taper drilling tools, resulting in a higher efficiency and avoiding the lose of taper drilling bits. All the advantages make this drilling steels not only apply to the excavate project, but also the outdoor-drilling downwards, furthermore, integral drill steels extend their application range from that of the taper drill rods to the scope of secondary rock breaking of pick rods.

XGP provides a variety of integral drill steels in a full range of lengths and bit diameters for all of your hand-held pneumatic drilling needs.

In order to improve the efficiency, the head of integral drill steels can be grinded into a taper rods after the normal retirement of the tungsten carbide.

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