Our Advantage

Factory Price

As a factory, we supply the most resonable price on basis of the same quality.

Rich Experience

With 21 years manufacturing experience, we have reliable technology and strict quality control, it makes us to get high reputation from domestic and foreign customers.

Life After-Sales Service

We are responsible for every product during it's normal lifetime.

Technology Innovation

We are always focus on technology promation, to fulfil the different needs for different working conditions.

About Us

Taizhou XGP Rock Tools Co.,Ltd. founded in 1995, is a manufacturer specializes in producing kinds of Rock Drilling Tools includes Tapered Chisel Bits, Tapered Cross Bits, Tapered Button Bits, Threaded Button Bits, Retrac Bits, Tapered Drill Rods, Integral Drill Steels, Plug Hole Integral Rods, Threaded Rods, Pick Rods, Extension Rods, MF Rods, Drifter Rods, Coupling Sleeve, Shank Adapter, (down-the-hole)DTH Bits, DTH Hammers, etc.

All the products adopt the best hard alloy and high-intensity steel as material according to the different working conditions, the surface of products is intensified treated, it is able to act under the strong shock of high load and therefore fulfill the aim of high efficiency with low consumption.

The drill tools are widely applicable to mining industry,tunneling and underground engineering,open pit, construction drill, blast industry, civil engineering operations, road, gas line, pipe and trench projects, quarry work, rock anchoring and ground stabilization projects, water well industry, etc.

We have traded in our products for a long time and gained rich experience, it enables us to get the raw material more easier and have a better production technics, also it makes us give our best price to all of customers all the time.

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